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Our motorcycles are inspired by the classic caféracers and scramblers of the 60´s. The demand for everyday usability and reliability made us start our builds with carefully sought out models from the 1990´s or newer.

Cafe racer Honda CB 750 Rewheeled

Cafe racer Honda CB 750 Rewheeled

When designing a Rewheeled motorcycle every part, every angel when mounting a seat, shocks or gastank is considered. Equally important is the balance in height between front and rear end. On a classic caféracer details like twin shocks and aircooled engine are essential for the final result.

Modern brakes and tires, race proven suspension, LED lights and multifunctional instruments from leading manufacturers are some of the high quality parts we use in the building process. Mechanically Rewheeled motorcycles are as good as new, or better, with new bearings, brakediscs, pads, brake lines and tires.

This is why we think of our builds as neo-retro. Modern functionality in synergy with classic design elements from the past.



Rewheeled motorcycles only exist in one copy. You will never meet anybody else with a similar motorcycle. Each motorcycle is a work of art with special details and different theme and colourscheme.triple tree Rewheeled #4

Owning and driving a unique motorcycle is a special feeling that you perhaps only can fully appreciate if you share the passion for motorcycles and design.

In the building process every part is considered in aspects of design, material, mounting, surface treatment, functionality and technology in order to make a bike with lines that are in harmony and one of a kind.

Every motorcycle is numbered in order of production and is of every day use quality.



Most of the designed parts on a Rewheeled motorcycle are custom made or redesigned by hand especially for the bike being built at the moment. This makes the motorcycles even more unique, very few of the parts are available for purchase in the aftermarket.fb-plåt

The special feeling of handshaped metal add extra value compared to using CNC-machined parts only. All of the work on the motorcycles are performed inhouse except some of the paintjobs.




fork parts

There are large numbers of old motorcycles standing in garages, unused. At the same time the production of new vehicles continues at a rate higher than ever.

Re-use of old motorcycles and as many of their original parts as possible takes us one small step in the right direction, when it comes to reducing mankind’s consumption of the limited natural resources in our world.

Re-use means less impact on the environment. It is not the whole solution to the problem, but this way of thinking and acting can be a substantial part of it.


Some of the parts that we design for our own builds will be available for order in a limited number. See what is available in our online store.

If you have ideas or perhaps need help in how to bring out the best sides of your bike don´t hesitate to contact us.

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