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  1. Hej!
    Vilken snygg och häftig MC. Den har du verkligen fått till bra. Jag blir riktigt avundsjuk men jag får väl tuffa runt med min Kawasaki vn 1500 något år till.
    / Ronnie

  2. Jädrar vilken läcker site, Andreas!
    Blir cyklarna lika fräcka så är succe´n given! Grattis och lycka till!

  3. Hi…
    I have a question that fits the seat of the No. 1 Rewheeled to other models? For example, on a Yamaha XS 750? if so, it would be possible to buy this seat and to send to Germany?
    MFG: Dirk

    • Hi Dirk, Glad you like the seat. I have had a lot of questions about the seat so I have decided to make a productionseries of it this autumn. I can provide you with the measurement of it so you can decide if it will fit your bike. The brackets and fixing points will have to be custom made, it is not a bolt on kit.

      Andreas Norum

  4. Greetings! The #1 is an epic work of art! I have a 92 cb750 and I was wandering where u got the air filters? What diameter are they and by what means are they attached? attached. Are they stock carbs? And what kind of exhaust is on it. Also…the dual front wheel brake setup…where/how is that rigged up? Sorry for so many questions but im new at this…and ur build is the best I’ve seen!

    • Hi Jason, glad you like our build!
      The airfilters are bought from Louis in Germany, DELO podfilters 50-55 mm attached to the intake with hoseclamps. Stock carbs (rejetted), stock front brakes, exhaust is stock front half, cut, lengthened and adjusted for minizoom mufflers.
      Re-Cycles Bikes Rewheeled AB

  5. Hi Andreas,

    Bike 1 looks great and sounds awesome. Saw the video on youtube. I have a cb900 from 1979. Did put on 4 into 2 headerpipes and 2 megatons. But bike sounds shitty.Way to loud. What I see is that your exhaust has longer headerpipes, will that make the difference?
    What kind of baffle is inside the minizooms?? Where did you get them?
    Greetings Ron

    • Hi,

      Glad you like it. I actually reused the front part of the headpipes which includes a crossover pipe under the engine. What really determines the sound level are the volume of the mufflers and if the exhaust gas is forced to change direction. A reflection type of muffler normally is less loud. I bought the minizooms from and I filled them up with stainless steel wool and it works ok. They are however straight through 44.5 mm and some might think they are a bit loud. I also have found a good reflection damper with almost the exact same design on

      Andreas Norum

  6. I love the look of this build; really nice job. How does the rear fender work with the shocks? I watched the YouTube video very closely and don’t understand how the rear wheel does not mash into fender on compression?

    • Hello Clement,

      Glad you like the bike. The rear fender is mounted to the swingarm so it moves with the the wheel and swingarm. Distance to the wheel is constant. Works fine./Andreas

  7. hello I have a question whether it is possible to buy seats from Honda cb 750 cafe racer silver. and the entire panel to boot. and what is the symbol or mark that motor silver paint. thanks

    • Hello Adrian, the seat produced in fiberglass is available to order within a couple of weeks. I expect the first delivery from our manufacturer this week (week 51 2012). Price, measurements and methods of ordering and payment will be published here and on our facebookpage within a week. The controlpanel is not yet in production, it is a one off piece. The silver paint on the motor is stock, but parts of the engine has been polished instead of painted.
      Andreas Norum, Rewheeled

  8. hi, how much can cost me the transformation like the Donor bike: Honda CB 750 Sevenfifty 1999. My bike its a 1996 cb750 seven fifty.



  9. Hej! Kul att se ditt iniativ,läste om dig i classic bike. Jag har helt på egen hand kommit på att göra NÄSTAN samma sak som dig. Men med 70-tals tvåtaktare istället.-caferacer och scrambler! Håller på med en Kawasaki 500 H1-74 just nu-caferacer,har en yamaha RD 250-75 i lager (blivande scrambler) Åkhoj en zephyr 1100, kommer att bli fikaräser när tid och ork finnes.Kollar du min hemsida ,så har jag nyss skaffat den och inte engagerat mig än. Vore ju kul om det gick att leva på detta så småningom.Verkligen kul att se att det finns fler som jag,som gillar att bygga,och inte bara snöat in på choppers och bobbers. Love&Respect / Danne.

  10. Hi, firstly would like to say that your works is very beautiful. My question is about rewheeled #3 when you replace air filters, have you make changes in carburetors with needles? Or it was enough to synchronize them?

  11. Hi again, how big main jets you install and how much you shimm needle? Thank’s a lot four your answers.

    • In the case of Rewheeled #3 I shimmed the needle with 2 shims, drilled the smaller hole in the throttle to the same diameter as the larger one and switched the main jets so size 132,5 on the inner cylinders and 130 on the outer cylinders. This might vary depending on what mods you have made to the intake and the exhaust and your operating altitude. I recommend that you contact for a kit designed for the mods mad to your bike and a fitting instruction. Fast and well worth it.

  12. What swingarm did you use for #3? What modifications were neccessary to get the cbr f2 wheels in there (if they are f2 wheels) , specifically looking at the brake stay. I’m trying to fabricate something for a ’80 cb750c and leaning toward changing the swingarm…trying to fit 93 cbr f2 wheels and brakes. Front is done

  13. Hejsan.

    Big fan of your work, awesome results!
    Can you please tell me the measurements of the seat? (Rewheeled #1)

    Best Regards.

  14. Hi Andreas,
    I love your bikes! Impressive design!
    I am interested if you have any more info / catalogue on #1 and #4, and what the price is of each ? I assume you also export the bikes, or do they need to be picked in Sweden. Thanks. Irena

    • Hello Irena, Glad you like the bikes. #1 and #4 are both sold but #1 is eventually for sale soon (owner has two more Rewheeled bikes). I can investigate pricelevel for you if you are interested? Yes, we can ship internationally. Regards Andreas, Rewheeled

  15. Hej om man har en egen Honda cb 750.(seven fifty) och vill ha den ombyggd till en café racer. Vad kostar det? Ca. Mvh jürgen
    Bor i Bengtsfors.

  16. Thanks for help for questions before, I shim my carbs, but now I have problem to find good handlebars 🙂 can you tell where you order them for your bykes?

  17. Hello good morning,
    I’m Luca from Buenos Aires (i’m Italian but for family reasons and for more better life i choose to live there).
    I’m really interesting to the bike #4 really good fantastic and well done also in the details.
    I’m asking to think if it is possible.
    1st regards the possibility to have a rear cover in order to appear the bike only single place (like last BMW)
    2nd if it is possible to have the bike in Argentina taking in consideration that with new president (for lucky I tell to you) there are any more restriction on the import (But i’m not sure).
    Can you tell to me how much the total cost of the bike delivered in Argentina?
    Many thanks and sorry for the quantity of the question.
    Ciao Ciao

  18. Hi! whant say thank you for help! about carb shiming. Whant say for all who need info from you that you arn’t that who give some info for money, but give info lot for free txs good that we have some one who give them expirence for free.
    You help me make my CB750 with out stoc air intake shim curbs, make new wirings. I have project make it in full chrom. if need some help in my expirienc I will help with plesure. My full project I will send to you in pictures in this summer. Txs a lot.
    Next my project will be with CB750 too but I try to make it on electricity.
    BR Diversant

  19. Hello. I really like what you have done on #1 and #4. I am building a 1996 CB750 at the moment. Please could you tell me where you got the front and rear mudguards? Do you sell them yourselves?

    • Hi, glad you like it. Fenders were custom made for those bikes, nothing we produce and sell as parts unfortunatly. Best regards Andreas Norum, Rewheeled

      • Thanks for answering so quickly. Happy New Year!

        Did you start with fenders that you bought and cut them down? If so, what did you start with and whiere did you get them from?

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