Rewheeled #4

Donor bike: 2003 Honda CB 750 Sevenfifty

NOS (New Old Stock) 1999 engine, chopped rear frame, Öhlins rear shocks, lowered front, forklegs powdercoated, Gilles Tooling clipon, exhaust by Rewheeled, airbox removed, individual podairfilters, rejetted, seat by Rewheeled, control panel by Rewheeled, RAASK rear sets, relocated Li-Ion battery, Lucas style headlight, LED indicators and rear light, frame sandblasted and painted, fenders in polished aluminium, Motogadget Motoscope Mini instrument. 30 kg lighter than stock, 5-10 extra hp.

New parts: engine, chain, sprockets, battery, wheelbearings, swingarmbearings, tripletreebearings, brakediscs, brakepads, brakelines, tyres. Front end completely overhauled. Wiring rebuilt

Like new, only better and by far better looking…

SOLD. Owner/Driver: Frode in Norway

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    • Hello Mike,

      Thank you for your interest in Rewheeled #4. We are asking 125 000 SEK or 14 000 EURO for this motorcycle. Price is VAT included, delivered in Karlstad, Sweden.

  1. Detta måste vara min ”förstahoj”! Kul att se den nu när den bytt skepnad:))
    Riktigt cool blev den! Bra jobbat Andreas:-) Lycka till med nästa projekt! //Anna

    • I will send more info about Rewheeled #4 on your email, yes it is possible to have the bike exported to Brazil.

      Andreas, Rewheeled

    • Hi Luiz,

      The front part is stock, the rear part is remade with a new angle and pipes to fit the universal mufflers. I guess the brand is Rewheeled now…

      Andreas Norum, Rewheeled

  2. Roughly $20,000 usd. I would say for a custom built bike of this quality, very fair trade.
    Beautiful work, congratulations.

  3. Goddag!

    Underbar maskin, finns det möjlighet att bygga en till? Vad skulle isåfall en sådan kosta, mellan tummen och pekfingret? (Med och/eller utan en inlämnad hoj).

    • Its more mods than just the jets, we order kits from 6 Sigma jetlits and they have worked just fine on all our carbbuilds so far.

  4. Wow what else can I say #4 this is by fair the best build I have seen in a very long time if you could please send me all the info on this beautiful bike as I have a 1996 cb750 ready to start as my winter project that would be great also do you have any pre ready kits so I could make my bike look as good as yours cheers and keep up the great work.


    • Hi Andy, no preready kits unfortunatly but the seat is available to order in our webshop. I will e-mail you more info on the build.
      Regards Andreas

  5. hello
    I am peter from france and have seen on youtube a bike i fell in love with. It was a honda 750 custom classic in orange,öhlins forks and a one man seat with low handle bars. If you could give me an idea of how much i had to put on the table to call it my own would be great.

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